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Flags, crests etc.

"Aus aller herren Länder", Mahalesi.


    The crests come in two different sizes. It is not clear whether the smaller size belongs to the Mahalesi set or whether it is a different issue. However the text appears to be in German rather than Dutch.


The smaller crests and flags are also known with no title on them. These are believed to be a Turmac issue (see below).



Dutch issues.


Turmac issued two sets called "Alle Landen Vereenigd" which are similar to the Mahalesi ones . However the Turmac set was issued in four different colours (brown, black, beige and purple). The Turmac set does not include Serbia. Groot Britannië and Britsch Indië same crest.

Although similar, the designs are not the same. See for example Greece on the left with the Mahalesi issue at the bottom for comparison.


There is also a Dutch issue of small flags with titles.

Small flags with title: Letland, Romenië, Dominikan Rep.,

without: Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, India, Japan, Korea, Letland, Samos

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