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Trade cards

Trade cards were popular before World War 1. A lot of the larger companies such as Liebig, Gartmann and Stollwerck produced their own cards, and these are listed under the names of the company. However a lot of Kaufmannsbilder were produced by printers as anonymous cards and sold on to the companies and individual traders who gave them away with their products. Companies who could afford it had their own special backs printed on the cards whilst others just had the company name printed on the front. Individual traders tended to buy blank cards and put their company stamp on the back, or just give them away with no name on them. Thus it is possible to find the same cards in hundreds of variations.

Collecting these cards can be difficult. With thousands of different issuers arranging them by issuer is impractical. However some were also issued by larger companies. For example many were issued by Diamantine who also produced their own albums. Probably the best way is to arrange the cards by printer and if you get a lot from a large issuer to collect them separately.

Liebig format, numbered 300 - 899
Printed by Kunstanstalt Oehmige & Riemschneider (O&R), Neu-Ruppin, series numbered 300 - 899, "Liebig" and "Automaten" format.

Liebig format, numbered 5300 - ?
Printed by Dresdner Kunstanstalt

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